Without the following people I could not make Today I Learned.

The team

Thanks to Manton, Jean, Jonathan, and Vincent for making a platform that not only advocates for, but proves the still-untapped potential of the open web.

The early birds

You have all embraced the community and been more supportive of Today I Learned than I ever had a right to expect.

People like Odd-Egil Auran, Cheri Baker, Ron Chester, Diva Diplomatic, Brad Enslen, Ron Guest, John Johnston, Maique Madeira, Pratik Mhatre, Pete Moore, Adam Procter, Jimmy Reekes, Angelo Stavrow, Bruce Steinberg, Jamie Thingelstad, Robert van Vliet, and Christopher Wilson.

The co-conspirators

Fellow third-party contributors who have also contributed to Today I Learned, even if unknowingly; I often find myself inspired by the work of others who also value that which represents.

Such as Smokey Ardisson, Jason Becker, Jason Burk, Belle Cooper, Colin Devroe, Amit Gawande, Sam Grover, Martin Hartl, Mike Hayes, Daniel Jalkut, Miraz Jordan (thank you for the Header Guide so that TIL has a banner!), Jonathan LaCour, Paul Robert Lloyd, Eli Mellen, John Philpin, Greg Pierce, Rupak, and David Shanske.

Also, the folks who make Feedbin, iA Writer, NetNewsWire, and Ulysses.

The old school

People who, without I never would have known, and have since inspired me on a daily basis:

Aaron Parecki, Patrick Rhone, and Sameer Vasta.

The IndieWeb community

The many folks over there have not only been a part of from the beginning but also work on a daily basis to provide a version of the web in which we can all feel pride and a sense of belonging.

Justin Michael

… whose Core Assistance has been invaluable. It is a website I always keep to hand whenever I am even thinking about the design of my websites, let alone when I’m changing the actual (hex) code. His year of daily poems is also delightful.

The Micronauts

That’s you! The community is a continuous source of contentment, a truly joyful space to which I owe more than I will ever be able to explain.

Special thanks to those who have directly supported Today I Learned.

From who hosting has so graciously been given for the majority of the life of Today I Learned, as well as providing exposure freely.

Subscribers of Post Haste

Twice now I have attempted to publish the Today I Learned newsletter, and on both occasions many people have subscribed largely sight unseen.


It is overwhelming to consider your contributions… one day I will discover how I can possibly say thank you, publicly, in a manner you deserve.


The tools and resources I use to make, publish, and organise every part of TIL.