Having recently overcome doubts about the project and realising that I was simply going through some fairly predictable growing pains, everything is now back on track. As such I have a list of updates from the past couple of months to tell you about so let’s get to it:

  • There are two new post types:
    • Noted; brief updates to third-party development.
    • Tracked; a log for bugs and issues.
  • Guides;
    • The third Guide was published, covering Discover.
    • A new style has been implemented with regard to titling.
  • Categories;
    • The recently launched categories feature has been implemented for all post types; you can access the basic links on the Archive page.
    • You can see the categories linked and explained on the About page, including the connected RSS feeds.
  • Updates;
    • The Updates blog has been merged into the main blog. All posts are now published to the same site, whilst you can still access the Updates blog and its archive.
    • A higher rate of Update On posts were published recently as I caught up after my break.
    • The History page has been edited to stay up-to-date.
  • The navigation menu has been edited for better linking to the core of the project and to work better with the corresponding menu at the bottom of the site.
  • The Micro.blog profile (@til) has been edited with an improved bio.
  • There is a new email address for any and all contact: tilmb@protonmail.com
  • Patreon;
    • You can now contribute to the project via Patreon.
    • This is a soft launch of sorts; regular posts will soon begin, including further details of how the Patreon will work.
  • Twitter;
    • Minor profile edits.
    • Continuing updates of the info posts (look for the pinned post and regular quote-tweets).

This is the first of a two-part set of updates, with the other part due to be completed in the next two weeks. It has been great to see the continued progress of Micro.blog, an ever-growing inspiration for continued work on this project.

I’d like to thank everybody for your support as I worked through some issues and look forward to showing you all the continued, improved work and new features of the project.

Speak to you soon.

– Simon