Tracked: 14th March, 2019

This the latest set of updates for bugs and issues across

  • Numbered List Syntax: When using numbers for a list in the web app, they appear to be supported in the editor but are ignored when parsed to your hosted blog and on the timeline.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Missing: The Mac app does not support a number of commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

  • Own Account Counted in Following: When checking the Following list of an account, the same account is counted as if following itself even after following that account.

  • Post Action Pop-Up Disappears: When tapping longer posts in the timeline, the pop-up for actions (reply, etc) is obscured above the message rather than appearing on top of it.

  • Repeated Timeline Sections: When loading the timeline, some posts are repeated to look as if the post chronology is mixed. The repeated posts do not respond to taps.

  • Archive for WordPress Opens Incorrectly: When opening an Archive download in WordPress format, the system opens the News app due to the .rss extension therein.

  • Long Words Do Not Wrap: When using a long word, the Hosted sites – at least with the Marfa theme – do not wrap them and so the letters disappear off the screen.

  • No Home Link on Archive: The Archive page on Hosted sites does not include the link back to the Home page as it does on other pages.

  • No Yearly Subscription Link: There is no link in the account settings for switching to the yearly subscription plan.

You can report bugs and get help using Slack, GitHub, email, and [the @help account](