There have recently been a few updates made across Today I Learned. Let’s go over them, starting with the log:

There is a new post type:

The following changes have been made to pages:

  • Elsewhere is a new page featuring the latest news about third-party development efforts.
  • Links additions; three new sections covering a host of development efforts from outside of the Micro.blog team.
  • About
    • Simplified introduction.
    • Added list of post types.
    • New Links section.
    • Merged Contact page.
  • For navigation:
    • Contact link removed.
    • Updates link removed.

Altered the theme to;

  • better display images;
  • show paragraph headers more clearly.

For the Updates blog:

  • History is a new page; a timeline of updates made to Micro.blog.
  • The Macro Report is a new post type, a series covering the most recent period of activity.
  • Follow Up is a new post type, providing timely asides for updates.
  • The site now displays bolded text properly.

It’s still early days yet but I’m happy with the progress made so far. The Micro.blog team have been hard at work improving the platform and providing support to the ever-growing community, which is a motivating factor to make TIL as good as it can be.

There is more yet to come, as well as continuing existing efforts at a steady pace. There is no doubt that the community itself is also a source of energy and inspiration, with a growing number of contributions made across a variety of skillsets and interests. Basically: you’re all awesome. Thank you.

If there is anything you want to correct or generally comment on you can use the new contact section of the About page to do so. In the meantime, that’s all for now. Bye!

– Simon