Today We Start is awesome. You are very likely using it, so you know this! Between the tireless work of Manton and co. and the gradual yet significant growth of the community it is difficult to ignore the great potential within. As such this platform ought to be as welcoming as possible, within different contexts and so here we are… a(nother) space for help with using

This account will run alongside the existing official documentation, other community-run projects, and individual contributions to the knowledgebase. It is is merely an addition to the collective attempt at saying “Welcome!” However, nothing is so perfect that it can’t be criticised (🛎️) so let’s for a moment go over where it may be lacking:

  • I do not currently own an iOS device or MacOS machine and so features specific to the Apple platform will not be covered.
    • This will include apps specific to the Apple platform.
  • This is not an official part of at all and so information may not be as accurate as it should be.
    • In this instance edits will be made ASAP and immediately pointed to in a follow-up post.
  • I am but a single person!
    • Personally I believe the lack of cloning technology to be the fault of tech CEOs who choose instead to build advertising vehicles. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

With that in mind, where possible I will rectify each of these problems as quickly as possible. This includes reading and reacting to feedback, whether that’s;

Last but not least is another part of Today I Learned: Updates, the companion blog focused solely on providing a log of any and all updates to

More information can be found in the About page and any updates to the project will be provided as soon as anything of note happens.

So here we are, ready to start. Let’s go!